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Year: 2003

  • Sanke, M., Wedepohl, K. H. & Kronz, A. (2003). Karolingerzeitliches Glas aus dem Kloster Lorsch. Korrektur Nachtrag. Zeitschrift für die Archäologie des Mittelalters, 31, 169-174. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Sanke, M., Wedepohl, K. H. & Kronz, A. (2003). Karolingerzeitliches Glas aus dem Kloster Lorsch. Zeitschrift für die Archäologie des Mittelalters, 30, 37-75. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wörner, G. (2003). Processes of magma evolution, magmatic suites and consequences for the composition of continental crust. Chapter of the UNESCO Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (in press). [Author Name], [Chapter Title], in [Theme Title], edited by [Honorary Theme Editor(s)], inEncyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), Developed under the auspices of the UN, . [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Kronz, A. (2003). Ancient iron production compared to medieval techniques in Germany -Fayalitic slags and elemental mass balances. Archaeometallurgy in Europe, 1, 555-564. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Kronz, A. & Kessmann, I. (2003). Fayalitische Schmelzen und Effektivität des metallurgischen Verfahrens. In Abbau und Verhüttung von Eisenerzen im Vorland der mittleren Schwäbischen Alb. Kolloquium in Schwäbisch Gmünd am 4./5.11.1994 Die Eisenproduktion im frühen und hohen Mittelalter. Forschungen und Berichte zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Baden-Württemberg, 86, 259-274. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Schnorrer, G., Kronz, A. & Pascher, G. (2003). Cheralith, Monazit und Xenotim drei neue MInerale der Monazit-Gruppe sowie Uranosphärit, ein sekundäres Bi-Uran-Mineral vom ehemaligen Phosphatpegmatit Hagendorf-Süd-Oberpfalz. Der Aufschluss, 54, 267-272. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Hornig, I. & Wörner, G. (2003). Cenozoic Volcanics from Coulman Island, Mandible Cirque, Malta Plateau and Navigator Nunatak, Antarctica. Geologisches Jahrbuch, B85, 373-406. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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  • Brimblecombe, P. & Camuffo, D. (2003). Long term damage to the built environment.. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Saiz-Jimenez, C. (2003). Organic pollutants in the built environment and their effect on the microorganisms.. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Watt, J. & Hamilton, R. (2003). The soiling of buildings by air pollution.. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Sabbioni, C. (2003). Mechanisms of air pollution damage to stone.. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Willner, A. P., Sindern, S., Metzger, R., Ermolaeva, T., Kramm, U., Puchkov, V. & Kronz, A. (2003). Typology and single grain U/Pb ages of detrital zircons from Proterozoic sandstones in the \{SW\} Urals (Russia): early time marks at the eastern margin of Baltica. Precambrian Research, 124(1), 1 - 20. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Germann, K., Lüders, V., Banks, D., Simon, K. & Hoefs, J. (2003). Late Hercynian polymetallic vein-type base-metal mineralization in the Iberian Pyrite Belt: fluid-inclusion and stable-isotope geochemistry (S–O–H–Cl). Mineralium Deposita, 38(8), 953-967. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 2002

  • Xiao, Y., Hoefs, J., Kerkhof AM, ., Simon, K., Fiebig, J. & Yong-Fei, Z. (2002). Fluid Evolution during HP and UHP Metamorphism in Dabie Shan, China: Constraints from Mineral Chemistry, Fluid Inclusions and Stable Isotopes. Journal of Petrology, 43(8), 1505-1527. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Sanke, M., Wedepohl, K. H. & Kronz, A. (2002). Karolingerzeitliches Glas aus dem Kloster Lorsch. Zeitschrift für Archäologie des Mittelalters : ZAM, 30, 037-075. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Bogaard, P., Wörner, G. & Henjes-Kunst, F. (2002). Chemical stratigraphy and origin of volcanic rocks from the drill core "Forschungsbohrung Vogelsberg 1996". Geol Abh Hessen, 107, 69-100. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Bogaard, P., Jabri, H. & Wörner, G. (2002). Chemical alteration of basalts from the drill core "Forschungsbohrung Vogelsberg 1996". Geol Abh Hessen, 107, 101-118. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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  • Müller, A., Kronz, A. & Breiter, K. (2002). Trace elements and growth patterns in quartz: a fingerprint of the evolution of the subvolcanic Podlesí Granite System (Krušné hory Mts., Czech Republic). Bulletin of Geosciences, 77(2), 135-145. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Mazzone, P. J. & Stoller, J. K. (2002). The pulmonologist's perspective regarding the solitary pulmonary nodule. Semin Thorac Cardiovasc Surg, 14. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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  • Nasdala, L., Lengauer, C. L., Hanchar, J. M., Kronz, A., Wirth, R., Blanc, P., Kennedy, A. K. & Seydoux-Guillaume, A.-M. (2002). Annealing radiation damage and the recovery of cathodoluminescence. Chemical Geology, 191(1–3), 121 - 140. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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