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Year: 2007

  • Francalanci, L., Avanzinelli, R., Tommasini, S. & Heuman, A. (2007). A west-east geochemical and isotopic traverse along the volcanism of the Aeolian Island arc, southern Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy: Inferences on mantle source processes. Geological Society of America Special Papers, 418, 235-263. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 2006

  • Weinstein, Y., Navon, O., Altherr, R. & Stein, M. (2006). The Role of Lithospheric Mantle Heterogeneity in the Generation of Plio-Pleistocene Alkali Basaltic Suites from NW Harrat Ash Shaam (Israel). Journal of Petrology, 47(5), 1017-1050. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Müller, A., Ihlen, P. M. & Kronz, A. (2006). Potential recources of quartz and feldspar raw material in Sørland IV: relationship between quartz, feldspar and mica chemistry and pegmatite type. Geological Survey of Norway. NGU report, 2005.075, 94. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wedepohl, K. H. (2006). Glasherstellung im Mittelalter, Holz statt Soda. Archäologie in Deutschland, Wais und Partner, Stuttgart, (6), 30-31. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Hunter, D. J., Zhang, Y. Q., Niu, J. B., Tu, X., Amin, S., Clancy, M., Guermazi, A., Grigorian, M., Gale, D. & Felson, D. T. (2006). The association of meniscal pathologic changes with cartilage loss in symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. Arthritis Rheum, 54. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Pritzker, K. P., Gay, S., Jimenez, S. A., Ostergaard, K., Pelletier, J. P., Revell, P. A., Salter, D. & van den Berg, W. B. (2006). Osteoarthritis cartilage histopathology: grading and staging. Osteoarthr Cartil, 14. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Simão, J., Ruiz-Agudo, E. & Rodriguez-Navarro, C. (2006). Effects of particulate matter from gasoline and diesel vehicle exhaust emissions on silicate stones sulfation. Atmos Environ, 40. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Glasby, G. P. (2006). Abiogenic Origin of Hydrocarbons: An Historical Overview. Resource Geology, 56(1), 83-96. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wedepohl, K. H. & Rentzsch, J. (2006). The composition of brines in the early diagenetic mineralization of the Permian Kupferschiefer in Germany. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 152(3), 323-333. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Zhang, Z., Xiao, Y., Hoefs, J., Liou, J. G. & Simon, K. (2006). Ultrahigh pressure metamorphic rocks from the Chinese Continental Scientific Drilling Project: I. Petrology and geochemistry of the main hole (0–2,050 m). Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 152(4), 421-441. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Vollbrecht, A., Pawlowski, J., Leiss, B., Heinrichs, T., Seidel, M. & Kronz, A. (2006). Ductile deformation of garnet in mylonitic gneisses from the Münchberg Massif (Germany). Tectonophysics, 427(1–4), 153 - 170. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Müller, A., Seltmann, R., Halls, C., Siebel, W., Dulski, P., Jeffries, T., Spratt, J. & Kronz, A. (2006). The magmatic evolution of the Land's End pluton, Cornwall, and associated pre-enrichment of metals. Ore Geology Reviews, 28(3), 329 - 367. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Glasby, G. P., Cherkashov, G. A., Gavrilenko, G. M., Rashidov, V. A. & Slovtsov, I. B. (2006). Submarine hydrothermal activity and mineralization on the Kurile and western Aleutian island arcs, N.W. Pacific. Marine Geology, 231(1–4), 163 - 180. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Triebold, S., Kronz, A. & Wörner, G. (2006). Anorthite-calibrated backscattered electron profiles, trace elements, and growth textures in feldspars from the Teide–Pico Viejo volcanic complex (Tenerife). Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 154(1–2), 117 - 130. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Lebti, P. P., Thouret, J.-C., Wörner, G. & Fornari, M. (2006). Neogene and Quaternary ignimbrites in the area of Arequipa, Southern Peru: Stratigraphical and petrological correlations. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 154(3–4), 251 - 275. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Nzenti, J. P., Kapajika, B., Wörner, G. & Lubala, T. R. (2006). Synkinematic emplacement of granitoids in a Pan-African shear zone in Central Cameroon. Journal of African Earth Sciences, 45(1), 74 - 86. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 2005

  • Kronz, A. (2005). Archäometallurgische Untersuchungen: Schmiede in Gutingi. Vom Dorf Gutingi zur Stadt. Studien zur Geschichte der Stadt Göttingen, 23, 59-65. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Schnorrer, G. & Kronz, A. (2005). Cobaltneustädtelit, Metatorbernit, Churchit und Plumbogummit von der ehemaligen Grube Espulea de San Miguel bei Villanueva de Cordoba, Prov. Cordoba in Spanien. Der Aufschluss, 56, 177-182. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Kronz, A. (2005). Erzbergbau, Buntmetallmineralisationen und Silber-Metallurgie im Bereich der mittleren Mosel. Zeitschrift zur Geschichte des Berg- und Hüttenwesens – Fischbacher Hefte, 11, 4-33. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wörner, G. (2005). Die Rolle des Vulkanismus beim Transport chemischer Elemente im System Erde. Jahrbuch der Akademie der Wissenschaften 2004 (Vandenhoek u Ruprecht, Göttingen), , 337-350. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Ea, H. K., Uzan, B., Rey, C. & Lioté, F. (2005). Octacalcium phosphate crystals directly stimulate expression of inducible nitric oxide synthase through p38 and JNK mitogen-activated protein kinases in articular chondrocytes. Arthritis Res Ther, 7. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Dolgaleva, I. V., Gorichev, I. G., Izotov, A. D. & Stepanov, V. M. (2005). Modeling of the effect of pH on the calcite dissolution kinetics. Theor Found Chem Eng, 39. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Thouret, J.-C., Rivera, M., Wörner, G., Gerbe, M.-C., Finizola, A., Fornari, M. & Gonzales, K. (2005). Ubinas: the evolution of the historically most active volcano in southern Peru. Bulletin of Volcanology, 67(6), 557-589. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wörner, G., Harmon, R., Hartmann, G. & Simon, K (2005). Igneous Geology and Geochemistry of the Upper Río Chagres Basin. In Harmon & RussellS. (editors), The Río Chagres, Panama. Springer Netherlands. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Paquereau, P., Thouret, J.-C., Wörner, G., Fornari, M., Macedo, O. & Roperch, P. (2005). Caractérisation des ignimbrites néogènes du bassin d'Arequipa, Pérou. Comptes Rendus Geoscience, 337(5), 477 - 486. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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