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Year: 1985

  • Wedepohl, K. H. (1985). Material balance between spilites and ocean ridge basalts. Geologicky Zbornik-Geologica Carpathica, 36, 167-178. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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Year: 1984

  • Hartmann, G. & Wedepohl, K. H. (1984). Ausgewählte Spurenelemente in Peridotit Xenolithen mit unterschiedlicher metasomatischer Überprägung aus Basalten der Hessischen Senke. Fortschritte der Mineralogie, 62(Beih. 1), 82-84. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wörner, G. & Fricke, A. (1984). Fluid inclusions from a contact metamorphic xenolith of the Quarternary Wehr volcano (East Eifel, Germany). N Jb Miner Mh, H1, 37-49. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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  • Wedepohl, K. H., Mengel, K. & Oehm, J. (1984). Depleted mantle rocks and metasomatically altered peridotite inclusions in Tertiary basalts from the Hessian Depression (NW Germany). , . [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wedepohl, K. H., Mengel, K., Borsuk, A. M. & Gurbanov, A. G. (1984). The composition of spilitic basalta and andesites on the southern slope of the Great Kaukasus. Abstracts, Vol. IX(Pt. 2), 165-166. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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  • Camuffo, D., Monte, M. & Ongaro, A. (1984). The pH of the atmospheric precipitation in Venice, related to both the dynamics of precipitation events and the weathering of monuments. Sci Total Environ, 40. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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  • Wedepohl, K. H. & Hartmann, G. (1984). Ausgewählte Spurenelemente in Peridotit-Xenolithen mit unterschiedlicher metasomatischer Überprägung aus Basalten der Hessischen Senke. Fortschritte der Mineralogie, 62(Beih. 1), 82-84. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 1983

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