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Year: 2015

  • Wörner, G., RS, H., MJ, P. & WB, L (2015). Silicate weathering of igneous rocks, elemental mobility, and sources of chemical solutes in rivers of Panama.. In Goldschmidt Conference Prague. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • S, W. & Simon, K (2015). Evaluation Study of NIST612 Transient Data obtained in line scan and discrete spot modes by LA-SF-ICP-MS.. In European Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry 2015. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • S, W., Simon, K., B, S. & Wörner, G (2015). In situ analysis of major and trace elements of hydrous silicate minerals and glasses by laser ICPMS: the effect of water.. In Goldschmidt Conference Prague. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 2014

  • Stübner, K., Grujic, D., Parrish, R. R., Roberts, N. M., Kronz, A., Wooden, J. & Ahmad, T. (2014). Monazite geochronology unravels the timing of crustal thickening in NW Himalaya. Lithos, 210–211, 111 - 128. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Liu, L., Xiao, Y., Wörner, G., Kronz, A., Simon, K. & Hou, Z. (2014). Detrital rutile geochemistry and thermometry from the Dabie orogen: Implications for source–sediment links in a UHPM terrane. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 89, 123 - 140. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Godoy, B., Wörner, G., Kojima, S., Aguilera, F. & Hartmann, G. (2014). Low-pressure evolution of arc magmas in thickened crust: The San Pedro–Linzor volcanic chain, Central Andes, Northern Chile. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, 52, 24 - 42. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Gagnevin, D., Menuge, J. F., Kronz, A., Barrie, C. & Boyce, A. J. (2014). Minor Elements in Layered Sphalerite as a Record of Fluid Origin, Mixing, and Crystallization in the Navan Zn-Pb Ore Deposit, Ireland. Economic Geology, 109(6), 1513-1528. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Wörner, G. (2014). Steinmann Medal of the Geologische Vereinigung to Prof. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Schmincke (Ascheberg). International Journal of Earth Sciences, , 1-3. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Słaby, E., Śmigielski, M., Domonik, A., Majzner, K., Motuza, G., Götze, J., Simon, K., Moszumańska, I., Kruszewski, Ł. & Rydelek, P. (2014). Protomylonite evolution potentially revealed by the 3D depiction and fractal analysis of chemical data from a feldspar. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 167(4). [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • R, K., O, B., S, B., F, R., H, A., F, L., J, W., D, B., P, K., K, K., C, R., E, M., M, S., R, D. P., M, A. & G, C. (2014). Lage Glacial and Holocene paleogeographical and paleoecological evolution of the Seno Skyring and Otway fjord systems in the Magellanes region.. Anales Instituto Patagonia, 41, 5-26. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Roemhildt, M. L., Gardner-Morse, M. G., Morgan, C. F., Beynnon, B. D. & Badger, G. J. (2014). Calcium phosphate particulates increase friction in the rat knee joint. Osteoarthr Cartil, 22. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Lioté, F. & Ea, H. K. (2014). Clinical implications of pathogenic calcium crystals. Curr Opin Rheumatol, 26. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • R: A language and environment for statistical computing. (2014). Vienna : R Foundation for Statistical Computing. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Germinario, L., Andriani, G. F. & Laviano, R. (2014). Petrography, mineralogy, chemical and technical properties of the building stone of Ostuni Cathedral (Italy): inferences on diagnostics and conservation. Period Miner, 83. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Bray, A. W., Benning, L. G., Bonneville, S. & Oelkers, E. H. (2014). Biotite surface chemistry as a function of aqueous fluid composition. Geochim Cosmochim Acta, 128. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Brimblecombe, P. (2014). Environment and architectural stone.. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Guerreiro, C. B., Foltescu, V. & Leeuw, F. (2014). Air quality status and trends in Europe. Atmos Environ, 98. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Steiger, M., Charola, A. E. & Sterflinger, K. (2014). Weathering and deterioration.. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Liu, L., Xiao, Y., Aulbach, S., Li, D. & Hou, Z. (2014). Vanadium and niobium behavior in rutile as a function of oxygen fugacity: evidence from natural samples. Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 167(6), 1-22. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Kerkhof AM, ., Kronz, A. & Simon, K. (2014). Deciphering fluid inclusions in high-grade rocks. Geoscience Frontiers, 5(5), 683 - 695. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Székely, B., Koma, Z., Karátson, D., Dorninger, P., Wörner, G., Brandmeier, M. & Nothegger, C. (2014). Automated recognition of quasi-planar ignimbrite sheets as paleosurfaces via robust segmentation of digital elevation models: an example from the Central Andes. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 39(10), 1386-1399. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • O'Driscoll, B., Clay, P. L., Cawthorn, R. G., Lenaz, D., Adetunji, J. & Kronz, A. (2014). Trevorite: Ni-rich spinel formed by metasomatism and desulfurization processes at Bon Accord, South Africa?. Mineralogical Magazine, 78(1), 145-163. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Kalz, K. F., Kindermann, N., Xiang, S.-Q., Kronz, A., Lange, A. & Meyer, F. (2014). Revisiting the Synthesis and Elucidating the Structure of Potassium Cyclopentadienyldicarbonylruthenate, K[CpRu(CO)2]. Organometallics, 33(6), 1475-1479. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
  • Audétat, A., Garbe-Schönberg, D., Kronz, A., Pettke, T., Rusk, B., Donovan, J. J. & Lowers, H. A. (2014). Characterisation of a Natural Quartz Crystal as a Reference Material for Microanalytical Determination of Ti, Al, Li, Fe, Mn, Ga and Ge. Geostandards and Geoanalytical Research, , n/a-n/a. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]

Year: 2013

  • Goedert, J. L., Peckmann, J., Benham, S. R. & Janssen, A. W. (2013). First record of the Eocene pteropod Heliconoides nitens (Gastropoda: Thecosomata: Limacinidae) from the Pacific Basin. PROCEEDINGS OF THE BIOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF WASHINGTON, 126(1), 72-82. [More] [Bibtex] [RIS] [MODS]
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