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Welcome to the Webpage of the Geochemistry Division (Abteilung Geochemie) of the Geowissenschaftliches Zentrum (GZG) at the Georg August University of Göttingen.

Here you will find information on people, research, teaching and excursions, as well as directions how to find us.

We also provide a short historical summary on research in geochemistry, starting from Viktor Moritz Goldschmidt early last century.

Our research areas include igneous geochemistry and evolution of magma systems mainly at convergent plate margins (Andes, Central America, Kamchatka, Italy).

A comprehensive geochemical data base on igneous rocks from the Central Andean Volcanic Zone (>1500 analyses) is provided here through a clickable map. You are also welcome to download the data base as excel sheet, kml-file. When using, please refer to our recent publications by Mamani et al (2008, 2009).

For more information an downloads (Teaching materials, field excursion report on the student excursion to the Andes and touristic information on Parinacota Volcano and the Lauca National Park see here: Andes excursion


State of the Arc Meeting 2018

The next State of the Arc Meeting will be held in
San Pedro de Atacama between Sept. 1-16, 2018.

Organized by Gerhard Wörner (Univ. Göttingen), supported by Felipe Aguilera (Universidad del Norte, Antofagasta, Chile) and Shan de Silva (Oregon State University, USA) as co-organizers.

Please visit the Sota7 Website for more information!



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